Powerful Features & Benefits

Enhance Data

SignPost combines data from key systems into a single digital space and gives you clarity and a unified view of your business.

Save Money & Time

Automatic data collection removes the costs associated with manual collation and analysis of data from multiple systems.

Engage Employees

Show vital data through customisable charts, graphs & statistics on unattended large screens using fully customisable dashboards.

Actionable Insights

Save time and reduce risks with automated data collection and deep data analysis with the Business Intelligence solution for UKG.


Unify data from multiple sources

Combine data from key systems such as UKG Workforce Dimensions, Workforce Central or Workforce Ready and merge with data from other key systems.

Powerful Data Visualisation

Limited only by your imagination, visualise your data using SignPosts powerful Dashboard builder.

Charts, Stats, Graphs & More

Utilise our fully customisable charts, graphs, stats and table widgets to visualise your data.

Customisable Dashboards

Create multiple dashboards on PC's or wall mounted large screens to showcase your data.


UKG Dimensions Tiles

Tiles are used in Workforce Dimensions to show key information on users home screens. Display any SignPost chart, graph, statistic or table as a UKG Dimensions tile.

Tiles are fully configurable. Change the colours, fonts, widget type, filter the data displayed, different data for different users and much much more.

Ready to see how SignPost can transform your business?

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